Welcome to Forest City Short Film Review!

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you'll come back again and again. 

Here at Forest City Short Film Review, I will be paying some much needed attention to a fairly neglected segment of filmmaking.  By focusing on the creators behind the exciting short films we will feature here on the site, and at the same time providing in depth reviews of each short film, I hope to redirect the modern movie fanatic's attention from the big distributors back to the real creative force of today: the independent and low budget works produced by those who will one day become the big boys of tomorrow.

To clarify: despite the title of this blog, I am in no way suggesting that we will only cover films shot in or around the Northern Illinois region.  We will be covering excellent films not only from all over America, but also across the sea too.  International films are absolutely welcome. 

In addition, there are no limits on genre or content save that each work be original and law abiding.  No fan fiction or parodies of, say, Star Trek or Star Wars, for instance.  What I'm trying to do is single out films with real aspirations to do something different.  That being said, genre work such as horror, thriller and comedy are absolutely welcome. 

Are you a filmmaker who would like your latest and greatest reviewed here?  How about an interview about your project?  If so, then by all means send me a link at  Be sure to include "FCSFR" or something of that nature in the subject line so I know to respond to you as soon as possible.

Or maybe you're just a fan of independent cinema or someone who'd really like to watch something cool.  If so, stick around -- much, much more coming soon.

Thanks for reading! I'm a screenwriter and script consultant. Most recently, I've worked with LMC Productions and Mad Antz Films in Australia. I helped mold Goodybag Productions' award winning screenplay "The Teacher" and Michael Maguire's feature length script "The Wolfpack", which is still in development.

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