State of the Blog 2014: New Content and New Look, Coming Soon!

It's hard to say what will catch on and what won't, particularly in the entertainment world.  We are all so smothered with content that it's easy to miss out on a lot of real quality stuff, yet somehow all of you have found this blog and checked out the reviews and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  I thank all of you for making 2013, Forest City Short Film Review's birth year, a great success.

But that being said, 2013's behind us and we're now into our second month of 2014 already.

It's February already?  Man, how time flies.

My point is that I have to look to the future.  I have to plan bigger, bolder. The content has got to air with far more regularity than it has been, and you viewers have got to have plenty of exclusive stuff that will make you excited to come back again and again.

To that end, I'm proud to announce a few changes that will take place here on Forest City Short Film Review over the coming weeks.

(1) A more attractive, film related design that will enable viewers to engage in our exclusive content more immersively.
(2) More reviews, more frequently.  I'd like to see reviews released at least twice per week, which would effectively double the review content as it stands now.
(3) A "Best Of" year end special article.  This annual article will revisit the finest achievements in the short films reviewed in that year.
(4) An index page with reviews listed, perhaps by genre.  I haven't made up my mind yet.
(5) More exclusive content, including interviews with filmmakers and stars, as well as articles about short films and film in general. 
(6) Shorter, more concise reviews.  I'm thinking an average of 500 words per article.  That's the equivalent of two typed, double spaced pages for each film.  It's still more than your basic article, but it's not 1,500 words like I've been known to write.

And please, everyone who reads this blog, I would love to hear your thoughts on the reviews, the films themselves, or anything else you might want to share via comments.  The more feedback I get from all of you, the better and the more unique an experience I can provide for you here.

 My main goal is to provide short films a venue to be seen and to be considered seriously and critically.  These films are made today by the young filmmakers who will become the leaders of film tomorrow. 

Thank you all so much and I look forward to providing you with plenty of new content this year, and reviews of tons of great short films!

Thanks for reading! I'm a screenwriter and script consultant. Most recently, I've worked with LMC Productions and Mad Antz Films in Australia. I helped mold Goodybag Productions' award winning screenplay "The Teacher" and Michael Maguire's feature length script "The Wolfpack", which is still in development.

Check out my blog and let's get in touch!