"Trust In Your Uniqueness" -- EXCLUSIVE Interview with Sarah Adams ("Ostinato", "Fish in the Sea", Dallas Comedy Festival)

Sarah Adams is many things: an improv artist, a comedian, an actress and a YouTube personality.  She's starred in two short films ("Ostinato" and "Fish in the Sea" -- click for their respective reviews) and an assortment of commercials, as well as improvised stand up and Shakespearean theater.

It's a lot to do by anyone's standards.  Sarah was kind enough to sit down and answer our questions about her career, her inspirations and much more.  Check it out!

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FCSFR:  You've done a lot of improv and comedy, your website is humorous and charming.  You've recently expanded into more dramatic material, like Ryan Robins' "Ostinato" and "Fish in the Sea".  How do you prepare for a serious role rather than a comedic one?

I don't find there is much of a difference when preparing for a comedic role vs something more serious.  In both situations I'm seeking to find truth in a character no matter what situation they might be facing.  If you think about it, the most impactful scenes and characters - comedic or dramatic - are situations and people that are grounded in truth.

You've also done theater, including bringing to life the role of Titania in "Midsummer Night's Dream", the Shakespeare classic.  Was there added pressure when you're dealing with such a well known and adored play?  

SA: Man, this was ages ago! If I'm being honest...(and it's all about honestly right) if there was added pressure I don't remember! What I do recall is how much fun that character and the production was, and it provided me with a whole new outlook on Shakespeare. 

FCSFR: Do you enjoy working for the stage?  I notice you're working with March's Dallas Comedy Festival.  Could you discuss what your role in the Festival is, and the appeal of working a live audience as opposed to filming a performance and putting it together shot by shot?  

SA:  I love performing - all of it.  There is a certain rush that comes from improvising on stage, you get instant gratification from the audience and doing something that will only happen once is pretty cool feeling.  However, there is a different but equally as awesome rush when performing for the camera.  It's an opportunity to fully develop a character plus the first time you see the film is like opening a present Christmas morning - I'm always filled with excitement and anticipation to see the final product.  As for the festival my official title is Co-Executive Producer (fancy huh) - basically I help the founder and Dallas Comedy House owner Amanda Austin in all the festival details, from sponsorships, scheduling, booking to volunteers. This year the festival is scheduled from March 18-22 and will feature headliners Rory Scovel, Susan Messing and Kate Duffy - it's going to be an awesome week of comedy.

When did you realize you wanted to become an actress?  Do you have any actors or actresses, present or past, that have influenced your journey?  

SA:  When I was very young I loved putting on a show - either in the living room for my parents (man they were troupers), in a play at school, church, summer program - I loved entertaining. It wasn't until I was in high school that the thought of being an actress crossed my mind.  I attended the University of North Texas as a Theater major but sophomore year I decided that a 401k and health insurance was more important so I changed my major.  I graduated and spent over 7 years in the marketing and advertising industry...and I was miserable.  In January of 2011 I decided to take an acting class, which lead to another class, headshots, an agent, auditions and by the end of the year I was faced with the decision to quit my job or quit my dream - and I chose my dream.  These past 2 years have been the best, most challenging, growing, fulfilling and difficult years that I wouldn't change for anything.  My amazing husband (Jamie) has been such a huge part of my journey - he has provided me with such encouragement, inspiration, support, love (I could go on for a while).  One of the biggest challenges was essentially starting my acting career at 28, (now 30) and Jamie did (and continues to) do such a great job of finding stories of actress and actors who also began their career later in life.  So while I love watching certain actors and actress, the biggest influencers on my journey have been my family and friends. 

FCSFR: You seem so down to earth and genuine with your performances.  Has putting on a good role always been effortless for you, or does it take a lot more work than most people would realize?  

SA: Well thank you for that awesome compliment!  Each role I play requires work - from practicing weekly with my improv troupes, to taking the time to fully develop a character.  For me, I find that the more time I can invest in each role (improv and film) the more grounded the work will be.  But what's great about doing the work first, is that once you're in the moment you can just play - knowing that your choices will be truthful and honest because of the time you spent preparing.

FCSFR: Do you have a dream project, or someone you'd love to work with in the future?  Man, you are all about these great questions! 

SA: Dream project, I would love to do a smart comedy with female leads (think Bridesmaids) or something with a Twilight Zone feel (I'm a huge TZ fan).  I would pretty much die if I ever had the chance to meet Tina Fey, Amy Poehler or Kristen Wiig - yet alone work with them (my heart is pounding just thinking about it).  A girl can dream.

FCSFR: What advice would you give an actress just starting out with her craft? 

SA: Figure out who you are, as an individual, and do you.  No one else can be you,  so be confident in your uniqueness.  It's the best thing you have. 

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Thank you to Sarah for answering our questions.  We look forward to seeing much, much more from her in the future!

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