Monday, April 28, 2014

Two Men and a Dork: Kidnappers in Dark Comedy "Bagged" Bring the Laughs on YouTube

"BAGGED" (2014)
Genre:  Dark Comedy
Length - 4:30
Company: Go for Broke Pictures
Website: Official

So these two kidnappers (Michael Evans and Jeremy Boone) stuffed their target (Sean C. Simon) into their backseat and drive to collect their money from the employer.  But the thing is, their "victim" is perhaps the most obnoxious man on the planet.

And the worst part?  Their employer's bouncer (Kyle Vonn Elzey) wants him delivered TOMORROW -- not tonight.

What are a couple of good natured, garden variety kidnappers to do in a situation like this?

Read on and find out . . .


From the opening shots, "Bagged" reminded me of a particular sequence in Weird Al's feature length UHF, released back in 1989, so I thought I knew where this film was going.  But the screenplay, written by Evans, is not only hilarious but it has a couple tricks up its sleeve and it plays them perfectly in the approximate four minute running time.

The image quality is top notch and Shun Otsubo's direction keeps the action interesting and helps bring the punch lines front and center.  While there are definite gags, they feel like part of the storyline.  A lot of bigger budgeted comedies feel like the story is only there to get to the jokes, but it all feels much more organic here.


The real applause should be saved for Evans' clever script and the actors.  Everyone is credible in their roles here, and it's their delivery of the dialogue that makes the film as funny as it is.  The finale in particular cracked me up with those two pitch perfect last lines.

Go for Broke Pictures has delivered a solid dark comedy that aims to entertain and succeeds in a big way, particularly considering its short duration.


Writing: 4 / 5.  Evans' script takes a few twists and turns and provides plenty of fodder for the actors to make the comedy ring.
Directing: 3.5 / 5.  Otsubo's direction is efficient and it gets us to where we need to go.  He knows how to set up the jokes in a visual sense too, which helps everything sound all the more funny.
Editing: 4 / 5.  The scenes were cut seamlessly together.  The pacing is right on the money, too.
Sound/Music: 2 / 5.  The usage of stock classical music is intended to be funny, but to me it came off flat.  The movie succeeded regardless of the background music.
Acting: 3.5 / 5.  The acting in this film is solid.  Evans and Vonn Elzey in particular shine.

Final Grade: 3.4 / 5.

Don't forget to check out the full short film "Bagged" on YouTube.  Then visit Go for Broke Pictures' official website and say hello on Facebook!

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