"Three Time Moving: The Kiss Through Time" An Epic Name, But The Story Falls Short

Genre: Romance
Length- 8:11
Company: Lee Neville Entertainment
Website:  Official

Adam (Lee Neville) is torn between two women.  On the one hand, there's Julie (Jane Hogan), the woman he really loves -- but he's trapped in a sorta, kinda friend zone with her.  On the other hand, there's Anna (assistant director Danielle Little), the latest in a string of women with whom he can happily satisfy his libido. 

What to do, friends?  What to do!


"Three Times Moving: The Kiss Through Time" is the first in a trilogy of short films concerning Adam's troubled love triangle.  Written, produced, directed and starring Lee Neville, it's very much a no budget, one man show.  Presumably there is a larger story arc stretched out over the three short films, with maybe some kind of emotional payoff at the end, but this first episode is weighed down with enough problems that I was not compelled to watch the second or third entries.

The film on a physical level is put together competently enough, but the writing is bogged down with major issues.  What exactly is going on between Adam and Julie in the very beginning?  It feels like a "breakup" kind of scene, but the two aren't actually in a relationship together . . . or are they? 

They've been friends for a long time, and later on Julie remarks that when Adam can take a romantic relationship more seriously, he should get in touch with her. 

So . . . she's kind of cool with him having at it with other women while they've been friends, if he'll just stop as of now and declare himself monogamous?  This isn't entirely believable since they were a little more than just friends, I think?

There aren't any visuals that step up to the plate to help tell the story, so we're relying utterly on dialogue and the way these characters talk to each other.  Unfortunately, we don't have a reason to like anyone, or failing that, even be interested enough in one or more characters to want to see what happens.


Writing: 1 / 5.  The message of the film is not clear and the characters' reactions do not seem plausible to me.  There is no cohesive plot, just a general suggestion of true love.  Also, the title is far too long and implies some kind of epic production, and this is a small, intimate short film.
Directing: 3 / 5.  The locations were extremely cramped for the most part which limited his visual options, but Neville's directing does OK.
Editing: 3 / 5.  Nothing stood out as good or bad, so that's decent.
Sound/Music: 2 / 5.  Not bad, courtesy of composer Matthew Tabor.
Acting:  2 / 5.  Hogan feels forced for three quarters of the film.  Neville does the best he can with the dialogue in the script.  Little has nothing to do for the movie except for make out with Neville, but they do a pretty convincing job.

Final Grade: 2.2 / 5.

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