On a Date With Asperger's in Jonathan Carlander's "The Pleasing List" Short Drama Film

Genre: Drama
Length- 9:04
Company:  Carlander Films

Chris (Ken Ashton) has a first date with Sarita (Jessie Owen) -- a nervewracking experience for anyone -- but for him, it's even more anxiety inducing because he lives with Asperger's Syndrome.

It might be a bit cart before the horse to ask if he'll get the girl because between social and emotional factors, he's got a lot of challenges to overcome.  Perhaps it's more apt to ask if he'll make it to the date to begin with . . .


Writer/director Jonathan Carlander brings us "The Pleasing List", a short drama film that deals with loneliness, understanding and Asperger's.  It's an interesting idea, and the script addresses it with some thought, but it never quite comes together.

There's not a lot going on beyond the date, story-wise, so I have to keep quiet for the most part here, so I'll go straight to the technical side of things.

His visual style keeps the story moving and the film is easy on the eyes.  The actors do well.  it's all edited down to a very manageable seven minutes of actual film and a couple minutes of credits, and nothing feels excessive.

It's competently made, in other words.  It's a good film at heart, the finale just feels a little too . . . easy.  I can't say more than that without spoiling anything.


Writing: 2 / 5.  I like the idea of the film, I enjoyed where it was going, but the finale just didn't pay off for me.
Directing: 3  / 5.  Carlander has a simple, sober directing style and it works here.  There's no need to rush the visuals in a drama.
Editing: 4 / 5.  Carlander also edited the film, and the picture's pacing is ideal.
Sound/Music: 3 / 5.  Steven Vernon handled the music.  The sound was audible and recorded well enough.
Acting: 3 / 5.  Ashton and Owen did the best here, but Marcus Bradford and Jeremy Lasman were also credible in their roles.  Good work.

Final Grade: 3 / 5.

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